Inside the Life of Artur Molodov:

A Lithuanian Fishmonger's Perspective

We continue to share stories of our clients. Today, we are pleased to introduce you to Artur Molodov, one of the leading fish and seafood sellers in Lithuania.

Artur is a young and stylish resident of Vilnius who is part of a family business and has never shied away from hard work, starting from the age of 14.

Who is Artur Molodov today?

In a sense, I’m a simple guy born in a small port city, Klaipeda, where I spent almost all my youth. Klaipeda is a lovely city because it has taught me to love nature and respect the sea.

In my professional life, I sell fish to people and businesses and always seek exciting business ventures. Personality-wise, people who know me at least a bit know that I am a very positive and always smiling guy.

You have been working since you were 14. Do you think it has had a positive impact on you? Elaborate on why and how.

I think I had a business-like mindset from the early days, even before that. There is one funny story from my primary school years. During a family vacation outside of Lithuania, at one gas station, I found mint-flavored toothpicks. I decided to bring a whole hand of them with me back home. When I returned to school after the holidays, I convinced my classmates that I had unique toothpicks and started selling them for 20 cents. To understand my toothpick’s value, it was equivalent to a cup of tea at the school cafeteria.

Later, I was probably 14 when I had my first hands-on experience working at a fish plant, doing simple tasks that do not impose much of a physical challenge. Still, it was more like a real job. It was a short summer job, but it was lots of fun, and I gained a good sense of what it means to do hard work.

Later, during summers, I worked at a family fish shop that developed a more profound passion for fish products. Working from an early age has developed a better understanding of what is waiting ahead in life. It has helped me better understand money's value and where it comes from.

Fjord Sales is a family business. Can you tell us what it's like working with your father?

Yes, Fjord Sales is a family-established business. Still, through the years, it has taken its path into more expansive areas and is not working as a small family business.

However, if we are talking about Fjord Sales fish boutique, which I was running for the past four years, is still a closely family-like business. Here, our whole family is involved, helping each other in the ways we can, generating new ideas, and every now and then getting involved in local sales, but most importantly, in our family business, we give a lot of support to each other.

Working with family is different from working in the corporate world. Still, it is definitely a wholesome and heart-warming experience.

I think this is because your business maintains high standards. How does this reflect on your personal life? Following high standards isn't always easy, especially outside of business.

Thank you, Dmytro, for noticing that. Yes, one of our business successes is that we focus only on the highest-quality products and practice good business ethics. These standards are transferable from personal life to business and vice versa. As you say, it is not always easy, but in the end, pure intentions are much more rewarding.

What values and principles underlie both your personal life and business?

For me, it is essential to be honest and confident, even though sometimes it might fade away, and surround yourself with the right people who will celebrate with you during the good times and support you in the challenging moments. Lastly, I believe in this simple saying – there is no bad thing that would not turn into a better one. I am cheerful and optimistic, so I carry my happy vibes through my personal and professional life.

What does the word "success" mean to you?

The feeling of success must first come from inside yourself, knowing that you have done something right and only then getting recognized by others. Also, I think success is when you can walk in your favourite and most comfortable sneakers all day long — like the one I am wearing now, hahaha...

What would you say to your 15-year-old self?

You are doing everything right! Be curious, rebel when you think it is right, be adventurous, be yourself, and love yourself. I think I had a great youth and wouldn’t change anything. I would only encourage you to do everything the same way, with more passion. In the end, it shaped me into who I am today.

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