@dv Relay Trail Race report

On August 5, we held the first trail relay race, which we are very happy about and are ready to share its results.

Our goal was to make the race more exciting than a typical Saturday workout. We aimed to gather interesting individuals in one place, connect them, and create a community of outdoor activity enthusiasts who share the same values.

The 5km route with an elevation gain of 280m was prepared by Lithuanian athlete and ultramarathon runner Monika Milė.

As a result, we had 11 teams and several individual runners. The first participants started exactly at 9:30, with a minor false start that only added to the excitement of the race. Each new lap of the relay added suspense, as the winning team was far from obvious.

After three rounds of intense competition, the winners were determined. The victorious teams were named:

Team #1 – Sportive Locals,
Team #2 – Perkunas,
Team #3 – Baltu Locys.

Thanks to our partners, the winning teams received fantastic prizes.


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