It was the first ISPO attended by the @dv team. We have previously been to Pitti Uomo and Fashion Week's in different countries. In this article, we made an overview of shoe models and brand communication we enjoyed. We are sharing with you who work in the sportswear market and who are FashionLovers.

ISPO opened at 9:00 am, several thousand buyers and representatives of various brands gathered at its entrance eager to meet their friends and get acquainted with the novelties that you will see in the autumn 2023.

There was a high desire for face-to-face meetings in the air that Covid 19 had taken from us in two years. We met the first hours of the exhibition in confusion, despite the fact that we had a clear plan for meetings with brands, we didn’t expect such an abundance of new brands, interesting lectures and brand activities that literally showered on us from all sides.

Despite the abundance of lures, it was important for us to meet our partners.

We came to Veja first and were pleasantly surprised by their running and trail collection. More than a dozen active shoe models for active sports gathered on the cubes of beige color, but the Fitz Roy left the most profound impressions. The color, the texture of the materials and the soles begged me to put on these
shoes and set new records. While you are looking at the shoe model in the photo, we are working to bring this and other Veja models to our store.

The next brand on our tour was La Sportiva. Although the brand is completely focused on different sports, our team really liked their Urban clothing collection, and from the footwear side, our favorite is the updated model of the
iconic Raptor. The Raptor is made for the trail, but no one can stop you from wearing it on a day-to-day basis. After all, it is very convenient and multifunctional. Try it and
see for yourself.

Hiking and trail riding remain among the top sports and outdoor activities next year. Almost all shoe brands have presented their models for walking, trail and climbing. Merrell offers to conquer new heights with the new Sility Peak Zero model with Gore-Tex system and Vibram sole. It’s not the first time we see the combination of blue and black, Salomon and Scarpa have previously presented their models in these colors, but Merrell has different accents. The main one is the sole and the line that goes from the toe and merges with the zipper. This solution will certainly find its admirers.

We noted the Altra brand stand as the most interesting and attractive engagement. Any guest could take a favorite shoe model of the proper size and walk/run in it around the territory of the exhibition complex. You can literally feel with your own feet the product that you will offer to your customers. We practice this approach, it is important for us to sell the product that we know
from the inside.

Could you imagine the museum at the exhibition of sports brands?

And we don't even need to imagine. The PICT URE brand created a museum of its future collection and issued tickets for its visitors. In addition to the new collection in bold colors, we admitted one of their main ideas - and described it as follows: quality belongings last longer. In the photo below, the brand has clearly shown how many jackets one PICT URE jacket can replace. You can read more about the brand's approach to careful production and consumption on their website.

And of course, we cannot pass by the Patagonia brand. In addition to their booth, where you could come, find out everything about the upcoming collection or just grab a coffee, there was also a repair clothes station in the form of a minibus, where you could bring Patagonia clothes and pick up the repaired item in a few hours. This is a story about customer service and the brand's responsibility for its product and the environment.

Concluding the review of ISPO 22, we also want to mention OUTDOOR CULTURE PLATFORM 520M by HIGHSNOBIETY. We have attended many lectures, but the most unforgettable was CEO Highsnobiety Daniel Fischer.