If you live in Lithuania, you know that there are two things you can encounter here: rain and sunshine, at any time. That is precisely why the "layering" trend is not just a fashion statement, but an inevitable part of life that helps you stay confident and stylish in any weather.

Dmytro Andrieiev, a fashion enthusiast and founder @dv store , has curated four versatile looks that are perfect for the Lithuanian climate. In this article, we have put together several universal men's outfits made up of elements that can be found in almost any part of your wardrobe.

For example, here is a light-colored outfit that is suitable for those who spend most of their time in the office and travel by car. Sand chinos, combined with a denim jacket, are a flexible combination that allows you to add other light and dark-colored clothing and footwear elements.

The second outfit is casual and suitable for a city weekend. Bermuda shorts and shoes with a high nose will form the basis of this casual outfit. This is an ideal choice for temperatures ranging from 10 to 18 degrees Celsius.

A puff jacket will always keep you warm if the north wind brings cold from the Baltic Sea. If the sun's rays shine directly, you can take off your jacket and enjoy the coolness in a spacious T-shirt.

Do not hesitate to wear shoes with a high nose. The most important rule of this outfit is that the shoes should not be of a classic style.

Here is the third clothing style - true versatility! It's perfect for everyday workdays in the office (if there are no strict dress code requirements), as well as weekends with the family. The basis of this style is a white cotton t-shirt (which doesn't cling) and a jacket with four outer pockets - an excellent choice for practicality and functionality enthusiasts. Throw on a sweater or thin raincoat over the t-shirt, like in the photo, to create an additional layer and maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the day. The jacket will be particularly useful in the morning when it's still chilly and in the evening when the sun has already set below the horizon and it's getting cooler.

And what about footwear? I chose comfortable KEEN Jasper shoes with bright laces that emphasize your style and add bright accents. Now you're ready for any adventure, whether it's meeting with business partners or strolling around the city!

The latest style I have chosen to represent is the gorpcore style, perfect for strolling around the city during rainy weather. The main advantages of this style are waterproof and water-resistant fabrics, which allow me to freely ride a bike or use public transportation without worrying about getting wet. A spacious knife bag will always come in handy if I need to store my jacket and free up my hands.

To stay fashionable and eye-catching, I chose La Sportiva Mutant sports shoes with contrasting elements, which even after work allow me to keep going and run my usual 7 kilometers through the woods.