How did the @dv Trail Race go?

Our team hosted the first trail competition in Vilnius on October 7th, called @dv Trail Race.

Hosting competitions is a part of our global growth strategy at @dv.

Our general goal is to engage as many people as possible in outdoor activities like one-day hiking and trail running.

That's why we invest our resources in various events and marketing activities.

@dv Trail Race was our first official competition with our partners and friends.

Our partners included La Sportiva, BioSalma, Fjord Sales, DieHard, and Wolf Space.

All our partners focus on high-quality products that help people be more active in their activities.

For the first race, we chose Karoliniskes Landspark, and it was a great choice. However, the weather was not friendly to us. It tested our perseverance.

So, in our main 5km Trail Race, the results were as follows:

1st – Vitalii Kuznetsov with a time of 22:04 minutes.
2nd – Frank Van Lieshout with a time of 22:55 minutes.
3rd – Tomas Zakarauskas with a time of 26:13 minutes.

In the women's category, the results are as follows:

1st – Veronika Kalashnikova with a time of 28:01 minutes.
2nd – Ieva Želvytė with a time of 29:45 minutes.
3rd – Aušra Sobutienė with a time of 30:47 minutes.

Our Field of Pain race deserves special attention. It combined trail running over 3km with power tasks. We used logs instead of weights and construction sandbags.

To be honest, it was a great solution. All the participants felt closer to nature, and it was fantastic.

In the end, we would like to say THANK YOU to all our participants and partners. But now we will start creating new competitions for next year.